Career FAQs

What is Owl CareerLink?

An online web portal used to facilitate internship postings, student applications, recruitment events, and more.

Why should I complete a profile in Owl CareerLink?

Employers use Owl CareerLink to search for students they would like to offer internships and job opportunities to. Each student should complete his or her profile and submit their resume for approval to be included in the database in order to receive potential offers.

What is the difference between a Professional Internship Course and Cooperative Education? (see Internships/Co-ops)

Professional Internship Course (IDS 3949)

  • Offered on a semester basis, fall, spring, or summer (Term I). Students can participate multiple times with one employer or different employers.
  • Acceptance and placement into an internship assignment is not guaranteed.
  • All students must be approved by the FAU Career Center before being registered for the Professional Internship course.
  • This 0-1 credit course offers students the opportunity to gain "real-world" exposure and supervised experience related to their major, specific field of study or career interests.
  • No min. GPA required.
  • Ability to work 60+ hours during the semester.

Cooperative Education Program

  • Structured program through the FAU Career Center.
  • Min. FAU GPA of 2.7 required.
  • Must have completed 30 undergraduate credit hours.
  • Full-time Co-op: Alternate semesters of academic study with semesters of full-time Co-op assignments. At least 35 hours a week for 10-13 consecutive weeks. Offered fall, spring, and summer (Term 1).
  • Part-time Co-op: Work part-time while enrolled in full-time classes. At least 15 hours a week for 10-13 consecutive weeks. Offered fall, spring, and summer (Term 1).
  • Depending on academic department may be 1-3 elective or an added credit.
  • Depending on academic department may be elective or an added credit.
How do I report my internship?

Login to Owl CareerLink; complete a profile if you haven't done so already; then select the "Report an Internship" link located in the left menu; In the body of the page that comes up select "Report an Internship"; Fill out all the information about your internship. The career advisor will review the information and contact you to schedule a registration appointment once it has been approved.

Why should I report my internship?

To get credit and only students who register for a Professional Internship course will have it notated on their transcript.